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Life Space Programme with Psychotherapist Gina Dowd

Life Space Programme with Psychotherapist Gina Dowd

St Jarlath's College TYs are delighted to welcome back Gina Dowd, Psychotherapist with Counselling West, to the school. St Jarlath's College was the pilot school for this programme and it is a huge addition to the Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing of our students in TY. The course is a 5-week interactive style workshop, which is 2 hours per week. The programme focuses on all aspects of adolescent development with a particular focus on relationships. The main relationship, which is explored in depth, is the one they have with themselves. This is considered through life choices, values, and family experience and peer relationships within their life. It is interactive in style so there is lots of engagement with students throughout. The purpose of the programme is to offer adolescents the opportunity to both think and consider what they feel about their life and the subsequent choices they can make to help them feel and think better. We thank Gina for the excellent work that she is doing with our students.

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