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St Jarlath’s College Uniform Policy

Details of the uniform for St. Jarlath’s College, as decided by the Board of Management and as required by school rules from the beginning of the academic year, 2017-2018.

Suppliers of this uniform at local, retail level are: Eamonn Geraghty Menswear; and The Schoolwear Centre.

The junior uniform, to be worn by all students in First, Second and Third Years, is to consist solely and exclusively of the following:

  1. ‘Vivaldi’ navy-blue ‘v’ neck jumper (‘50-50’ - double rib - double cuff), crested, with double stripe in the ‘v’ only, consisting of maroon (upper stripe) and royal blue (lower stripe), by Kaideen Ltd., Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow.
  2. Princeton’ grey, lined pants, available from Wilson & McBrinn, Drogheda, Co. Louth.
  3. Plain white shirt, by Wilson & McBrinn, Drogheda, Co. Louth
  4. Diagonally-striped maroon and royal-blue school tie, designed for St. Jarlath’s College, by A. Horton, 53 Heytesbury St., Portobello, Dublin 8.
  5. (New started 2016/17) “Norway” style softshell navy blue jacket, with a wine collar, silver reflective piping and the official St. Jarlath’s College school crest, supplied by Hunter School Wear, Shercock Rd, Cootehill, Co.Cavan. This replaces the existing school outer jacket.

The senior uniform, to be worn by all TY, Fifth and Sixth Year students, will be as above, with one additional item:

6. Navy-blue blazer, crested on breast pocket, available from Wilson & McBrinn, Drogheda, Co. Louth

The Board insists on precisely the above garments in the stated colours and designs, the same to be obtained from the stated suppliers only. The uniform as described above will be required dress, regulated under the school Code of Behaviour. The school authorities will refuse to permit any deviation whatever from these confirmed details.

In addition, attention is drawn to the following:

  1. The blazer is exclusively for senior students; junior students will not be permitted to wear it.
  2. The outer jacket is not compulsory, but no other jacket may be worn with the school uniform.
  3. The school crest has been made available to the companies making the jumpers, blazers and jackets. Only the exact form of the crest issued by the school to these companies may be used.
  4. Footwear with this uniform is to consist of low-cut black shoes, of whatever design or make. Runners will not be allowed (this includes the canvas rubber sole shoes, “Vans make or similar”).

St Jarlath's College Grooming Policy

Standards of Personal Grooming expected of all Students at St. Jarlath’s

Those standards of personal hygiene considered normal and healthy in modern Irish culture, and recommended by relevant health authorities, are expected of all students as a matter of course. In the context of the uniform detailed elsewhere in the appendices to the Code of Behaviour, students are further required to meet standards of dress and personal grooming which are consistent with the ethos of the College. Especial note should be made of the following:

  1. All items of school uniform are to be maintained in a clean and neat condition.
  2. Hair is to be worn, preferably, ‘crew-cut’. Otherwise, it is to be certainly no shorter than a Number Three blade cut and where in excess of collar length it is to be tied back.
  3. Hair gel may be used and hair may be dyed entirely to another colour, in the natural range only, should the student, with parental permission, so choose. ‘Highlights’ or partial or multi-colour dying, however, are forbidden, as are any unusual patterning in the hair based on cutting, shaving, partial shaving or any treatment of the hair which makes it stand out unduly or otherwise shapes it in a manner notably less than natural.
  4. A clean-shaven appearance is required at all times.
  5. In terms of jewellery, a wristwatch may be worn. Rings, earrings, bracelets and any and all jewellery associated with body-piercings of whatever sort are uniformly to be avoided.
  6. Tattoos or other forms of dying or otherwise colouring the skin should not be at all visible in normal social course.
  7. Cosmetics, including nail varnish etc, are all to be avoided.

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