Tuam Cancer Survivor Walk

The Survivor’s Celebration Walk has become Tuam Cancer Care’s biggest fundraising event. This year the walk took place on Sunday 14th October at 2 pm in the Palace Grounds Tuam.
The annual walk gives an opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors and their families and their friends in a lively warm welcoming atmosphere. The event reflected the support that people received through Tuam Cancer Care.
The walk included teams of cancer survivors, their families friends and supporters. Our TY group helped out on the day leading teams, walking with survivors and contributing some bright uplifting pieces of Art for display on the route.
There was a tree planting ceremony where people tied ribbons to newly planted trees in memory of people they have lost through cancer.
We are proud of our TY involvement in this event. They helped make the day a dignified, honourable occasion for all. They produced paintings in the art room with an up lifting message with the guidance of their art teacher Ms Arlene Mc Padden.

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