School Sports Day

At 9:10 first class commenced. One by one each year was called out and made their way to the old gym. Here they were met by their teachers and the TY students tasked with bringing them around to each event. Events included shot-put, long jump, high jump, 4 x 500m relay, 100m sprints, 200m sprints, cic fada, puc fada, tug of war, soccer, penalty shootout and sack race. Each of these events were set up and manned by TY students and teachers.
The conditions were perfect as the classes trickled out of the old gym and made their way to their first events. Each class followed a schedule showing the event and the time they were supposed to partake in that specific event. At 11:10, as usual, everyone broke for lunch. 11:25 came and everyone regrouped and went back to the events. Lunch time rolled by and by 1:25 everyone was eating their food. Then came the traditional game of bulldog during lunch time. After lunch came a surprise event. Whereas in previous years we would have had the finals of the events, this year we had a soccer match between the monitors and teachers. After a tight first half it was only 1-0 to the monitors. In the second half the monitors’ youth started to show. The match ended 3-0 to the monitors with the teachers not really testing, the keeper, Donie. Ice cream was kindly provided by Quinn’s.
After the match, medals were awarded to every class for the winners of each event.

Sports Day is very important for everyone’s mental and physical fitness. It allows bonds to grow between classmates. It allows students who wouldn’t normally take part in sporting events to experience what it is like and allows people to show off their non-academic talents. It also improves teacher-student relationships by allowing them to get to know each other outside of the classroom environment.


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