Pastoral Care

St. Jarlath’s prides itself on having a healthy working environment for all its students. One way in which it helps to safe guard this is through its pastoral care system.


St. Jarlath’s has a Chaplain, Fr Fintan Monaghan, and has another trained Chaplain, Ms Cliona Feerick, on staff.

Students are encouraged to visit the Chaplains if they have any worries, whether relating to school or personal matters. The Chaplains also help students should a crisis arise, helping students emotionally with the help of the Guidance Counsellor.


Guidance Counsellor

JO'Cr-1The duties of the Guidance Counsellor, Ms Joanne O’ Connor, are to help students adjust to the school, choose subjects at both first year and LC grades and think about courses for third level. Just like the Chaplains, they also assist in helping students deal with a crisis situation, organising help for any students who need it.




Year Heads and Class tutors

There is also a firmly established system of Class Tutors and Year Heads. Each year is assigned a Year Head, a teacher with special responsibilities for the students in that grade. The Year Head monitors the progress of students in the year, giving encouragement and assistance where necessary. They also can contact parents if the need should a rise, whether about an academic or discipline matter. They are assisted by the Class Tutors, who provide pastoral care to students on a class basis, and by the Monitor assigned to the year.

SJC Monitors 2013-2014Monitors are another tier in the pastoral care system in Jarlath’s. The Monitors consist of the Proc (Head Boy) and a group of other leaving Cert students assigned specific tasks for the year. They have serious duties in being liaisons between the school management, the teachers, pastoral care providers and students. Students can raise issues of concern (whether in relation to the school or to personal problems) with the Monitor for their year, who then report on these issues to the management. Monitors also have a role in assisting management with student behaviour, such as looking after the corridor and dining hall during break times or keeping order on the school grounds after classes finish.