LC Course Subjects

Leaving Cert
All students take the compulsory subjects of Maths, Irish and English along with four additional subjects. Each year choices are offered to Leaving Certs and all efforts are made to meet the needs of students.
The choice subjects include the following: French, Music, Art, Design and Communications Graphics, Business, Accounting, Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Applied Maths, History, Biology, Geography and Construction Studies. Students with the relevant subject groupings may also take the Leaving Cert Vocational Programme (LCVP), a special subject comprised of two link modules.
The link modules
(i) Preparation for the World of Work and (ii) Enterprise Education are:

(i)  Aimed at developing students’ general understanding of the world of work, introducing them to career research and providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to find employment.

(ii) Aimed at developing creativity, resourcefulness, self confidence and initiative. Students are encouraged to interview and investigate local enterprising people and successful enterprises, as well as setting up their own enterprising projects during the year.

There is a written examination on the link modules after Easter of Leaving Cert year. 40% of marks go for this, with the remaining 60% coming from a student portfolio (including a career report, Curriculum Vitae, and recorded interview). (Adapted from Subject Choice for Senior Cycle Handout, Joe Long, April 2010)