Jarlath’s can boast 3 outdoor training pitches with additional extensive playing area along with a bordering “walks”. These are used extensively by the sporting teams for training, by students during breaks and for PE classes. The sheer area of sporting facilities offered means a varying routine of PE activities for students, as well as meaning that junior students are kept busy outdoors during break times.

Music Room

The music room is based in the newly renovated dormitories, and can boast an electric and a standalone piano, as well as several guitars, drums and a variety of percussion and woodwind instruments.

Art Room

The art room is located in the newly renovated side of the building. The big, airy room provides ample space for creative expression by students, as well as providing a place for students’ work to be displayed prominently.

Science Labs

There are three main science labs in the school, catering to all years. It can also boast a broad array of excellent equipment from across all scientific disciplines, which students are shown being used and indeed use from early on in the school. This way, students gain the early experience in experiment work needed for success at third level.

Woodwork Room

Jarlath’s has two workshops where students take woodwork classes. They contain all tools and appliances necessary to shape, manipulate and otherwise create using wood.


The Sport hall is where students partake in PE, as well as other extra-curricular activities like Badminton or the Opera. Beside the old Sport hall is the new Purcell-Stockwell Sport Centre, one of the largest school facilities of it’s kind in Connacht! There are facilities and equipment for a wide array of games and activities, including badminton, indoor soccer, circuit training and basketball.

Gym 009-1
Students enjoying the Purcell-Stockwell Sports Centre.

New classrooms

To create room for the larger, amalgamated population this year, the former dormitories in the old part of the school have been steadily converted into classroom space. This means more modern, spacious classrooms are available for use in the College, fully accommodating all students. Further funding from the department has been granted, and more building will be taking place over the summer.


Locker rooms are located in various positions around the college, including in the lunch room, across from the main student washroom and in the newly refurbished wing.


Since 1929, Jarlath’s  had a heated indoor swimming pool. A unique feature which was a novelty to students and visitors alike, the pool is in the heart of the old college, and throughout the past provided a great distraction and area for exercise for boarding school students. While not used  since the cessation of the boarding school, it has still been preserved in the event it would be used again.