Juvenile Football

The Jarlath’s Juvenile team had a year of convincing success, in which they won both the League and the Championship competitions. This success came after two very convincing victories in both the two finals, both against Headford School. In the Championship Final, the Jarlath’s team overcame an initial Headford rush to pull ahead before halftime, a late goal by Joseph Donnellan sealing it for the lads in blue. In the League Final, Headford again opened up strong, getting the first score of the match, but after 4 goals between Martin Connell, Jason Leonard and Damien Comer, they just couldn’t keep the pace and yet more accolades were brought home by a dominant Jarlath’s team. This stunning success by the Juvenile team shows the first stirrings of a coming storm, and if this year is anything to go by, other Irish Colleges should watch these players closely and with growing fear for future competitions.Juven
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