2nd Year History Field Trip

Last Friday our second-year students went on a History trip. The trip took us to two different locations. Our first location was Bunratty Castle in Clare. This connected with the Medieval aspect of the course. Our guide was excellent in bringing medieval customs and architecture to life. Our students showed a huge interest in the first stop of our trip.

After Bunratty, we went to Craggaunowen open air museum. This connected with the Bronze and Iron age aspect of the History curriculum. This place is an absolute gem for any young History enthusiast. We had three guides here. Each guide was connected to a different aspect of The Bonze and Iron Age. Our first guide gave a detailed account of how life was during this period. She spoke about cooking styles, family life, work, arts and crafts and Burial Customs. Our second guide took us into a Crannóg and went through all the different aspects of Brehon Law. This was very popular amongst our Historians. However, our last guide was a credit to the site. He showed us a live demonstration in another Crannóg of Iron Ore smelting and gave the lads an opportunity to take part themselves. It really brought our History book to life.


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